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    As motorsports enthusiasts, we love the process of restoration. We enjoy taking an old vehicle and applying the skills, talents and resources necessary to bring it to a better-than-new condition.

    Whether it’s a rusted, forgotten ‘33 Chevrolet – a ‘60’s Muscle Car – or a flashy late-model Truck … it is our joy and passion to witness the creation of a beautiful piece of automotive art as the meaningful culmination of our combined skills and efforts.

    Covenant Hot Rod Association is comprised of men and women who believe that life also exhibits a parallel principle in the process of growth and maturity that everyone must experience in the ongoing course of life.

​    Each of the beautiful vehicles before your eyes is the result of a time-consuming, energy-expending construction process. It is our belief that life demands a similar process of each one of us … and that God uses the circumstances and challenges of life as a means whereby that process is carried out.

    We are truly passionate about our cars, but we are far more concerned with the things that God is doing in the lives of people. It is our intent, therefore, to use cars and our love of motorsports as a means of helping people to experience success throughout life’s process.

    There is a prayer in the Bible (our favorite construction manual) that says: “Restore us to Yourself … renew our days as of old” (Lamentations 5:21). That’s what God wants to do in each of us, and it is that very purpose to which we are dedicated in this Association.

     The same Bible also contains a promise that we hold dearly “If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored” (Job 22:23). Truly, this is the essence and purpose of life itself. 

  •     We always promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our car shows and other events.

  •     We do our best to put the highest quality show on from our trophies, t-shirts, goody bags, and quality gifts.

  •     80% of the money we raise from the registration fees goes to the organizations we support. Our financial support comes from partners and sponsors. 

 To establish CHRA car shows, Retreats, and Rod Runs, to let people know there is a God who loves them and He is easy to get to know.


    Covenant Hot Rod Association was birthed through prayer in the fall of 1998. Our first show was in May of 1999, but we were not active as CHRA, but rather  we worked with Ken Owen at Rodders For Christ. 

    My wife and I were Pastors, our church, New Covenant Fellowship hosted the shows known as "Springs in the Desert". In 2007 we changed, t0  "Covenant Hot Rod Association", which is now Covenant Hot Rod, LLC, dba: Covenant Hot Rod Assoc.

    Each year we endeavor to improve our shows with the help and ideas we receive.

    Covenant Hot Rod is a ministry of helping people to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. 

    We provide material in the goody bags for people to read and make their own decision. 


    There are other things we want to do through social media, streaming, rod runs, dinner dances, and whatever we can do to be a blessing to others.     We invite newcomers to come and be a part of one of our CHRA shows.

See you there, God Bless. 

Sunrise Camaro3.jpg
Pete & Camille's '69 Firebird
Leonard Wyatt's 37 Packard Coupe
2018 car show_28
2018 car show_35
2018 car show_2
2017 Desert Harvest Car Show 277
2017 Desert Harvest Car Show 335
Dinner Dance Car Show 3-25-26-2011 165 (65)
2017 Desert Harvest Car Show 307
2017 Desert Harvest Car Show 339
          God's Blessing

This is our 1967 Camaro SS/RS that has been in our family for 35 years. It's Balero Red and it has red interior from the factory. It has the original drive train with a few modifications. The motor was bored .30 over and it has a mild cam.  We lowered it 3" in the front to give it a nice stance. We've driven the car about 33,000 miles since we purchased it in July of 1987. 

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